Our Ministries


The ministries at John Wesley United Methodist Church offers and encourages spiritual growth in Christ, moral guidance, service activity, witness, and a place for social gathering. 



United Methodist Women





The organized unit of the United Methodist Women shall be a community of women
whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through
Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship and to expand concepts of mission
through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Millie Saunders, President
Drucilla Hogans, Vice-President
Theressa Taylor, Secretary
Alice Pace, Treasurer
Rose Fraction, Secretary Program Resources
Joyce Moore, M/C Spiritual Growth
Susie Harris, M/C Membership Nurture and Outreach
Alma Wheeler, M/C Education Interpretation
Mary Jo Lavergne, Chairperson Committee on Nominations


OUTREACH: Dawn Delaney, Chairperson


NURTURING MINISTRIES: Alice Pace, Chairperson

People need a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Christian community.
“Nurture” identifies the need for Christians to be nurtured in the Christian faith if they are to
cultivate the spiritual resources necessary to provide effective outreach and witness ministries.


UNITED METHODIST MEN: John Taylor, Chairperson

The General Commission on United Methodist men shall have primary oversight for
the coordination and resourcing of men’s ministry within The United Methodist Church.
United Methodist Men exists to declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s life.
Men’s ministry leads to the spiritual growth of men and effective discipleship.
It’s purpose is served as men are called to model the servant leadership of Jesus Christ.


WITNESS: Joyce Moore, Chairperson

Witness is the Ministry part of the church that plans the Revivals for the year.
Visit inactive members and reach out to bring new members in.
This is also a Call To Action ministry.


AWESOME LIGHTS CHOIR: Alma Wheeler, Director


NEW GENESIS CHOIR: Directors – Theressa Taylor &  Sherman Eury